Diamonds and jewellery are emotional purchases.

The private sector often encounters problems due to ignorance and the way to overcome this, is by educating clients about their purchases – that way they can make informed decisions.

Park Lane Jewels offers a wide range of services, including:

| Exclusive jewellery design
| Manufacturing of jewellery
| Wholesale Diamonds, tanzanite’s, sapphires, and other precious gemstones
| Repair of existing precious jewellery
| Remodelling of existing jewellery
| Evaluation of Jewellery made by Park Lane Jewels
| World wide courier service

Park Lane Jewels aim is to develop and install trust with the client.
Many years have been spent building and developing a network of trustworthy and reliable diamond / gemstone / pearl suppliers, as well as jewellery manufacturers and diamond setters – that are specialists in their own fields.

That is the only way we can supply our clients with an excellent end product. The advantage we have over mass produced or imported products – is that should anything go wrong – the problem can be solved – for example – a ring that needs to be resized.

A lot of our clients are based internationally and with the help of modern aids like the Internet, designs are done via computer, and the jewellery can be shipped out with insured diamond and jewellery couriers.

It is of enormous importance to understand exactly what the client needs are – and advise them accordingly, that way we can ‘realise’ their dream product. Once the jewellery is ready, it will be accompanied by:

| International Diamond certificates
| Photos
| Evaluation certificate.
Due to the fact that we deal directly with our suppliers, eliminating the middleman – and keeping our overheads low by only sourcing what is needed at the time – gives us a cost advantage that we can pass on to our clients.

Diamonds are US dollar related products and deals are usually done based on the rand/dollar exchange rate of the day. Foreigners have the advantage of claiming VAT back at the airport upon leaving the RSA.

Diamond prices work off the world wholesale Rapaport list, which is used as a weekly guideline in the industry. There is no fixed discount structure – due to variations in supply prices of raw materials..
Diamond prices are determined by its grading. Internationally recognized Diamond Laboratories (EGL, GIA, DIA, IDL) grade diamonds according to the 4 C’s grading chart. This information appears on the diamond’s certificate, each with its own unique number. Your diamond purchase should be based on an understanding of the 4C’s

This is the shape of the diamond, and can be established with the naked eye. A round diamond has 58 facets, which must be in perfect proportion, ensuring light is reflected to the top of the diamond. This gives the diamond its beautiful ‘life’.

The original shape of the rough diamond often determines the shape of the cut and polished diamond, e.g. pear shape. The number of facets of fancy shaped diamonds may vary. During the cutting and polishing process a minimum weight loss of 50% occurs, and the challenge of any diamond cutter is to minimize this weight loss.


The perfect white diamond has no colour, and is graded as D. Going down the alphabet, between D to J, diamonds are graded as white. From K to Z, a yellowish tint may be detected. Jewellery diamonds technically often have a hint of colour, which makes it more affordable, although it looks white to the naked eye. Natural fancy coloured diamond prices are determined by the intensity of the colour, clarity and rarity. Recommended colours for jewellery diamonds are:

Yellow or Rose gold: H, I, J, K, or better.
White gold, Platinum or Silver: G, H, I, or better.


Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond. Most diamonds have minute inclusions, both in or outside. These non-crystallized carbon specs can be white or black.

Recommended clarity for round jewellery diamonds: VS1 to SI2, or better. Emerald cut jewellery diamonds: VS1 to VS2, or better.


This refers to the weight of the diamond.

1 Carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams = approximately 6.5 mm round diamond.
Should you require any further information, we will gladly assist. More detailed information can also be obtained from